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The first thing we are proud of is the fact that Smart Drive Roller Shutters supply products that are purely Australian made, which means your Aussie dollar is staying here and not going overseas.

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Quality is not substituted at all with Smart Drive Roller Shutters. The products we sell are made of pure aluminium that includes guides, boxing, axle and slat. As the best roller shutters in Adelaide are made of aluminium, our shutters are suitable for the weather of South Australia. We incorporate a powder coated paint finish so that the harsh sun won’t affect the paint finish and cause fading or colour disorientation. We make sure that it looks the same after 20 years of installation.

Benefits of Roller Shutter Security-

The most obvious benefit of the roller shutter would have to be the safety aspect. We all know how important it is to keep out unwanted intruders from entering our home or business. As the roller shutter covers the whole window, you are eliminating the 30-second entry to your property. For instance, even if your neighbours are home and they hear something (i.e., breaking glass), the immediate reply to themselves is oh! It was nothing until you come back and ask them if they saw anything. Moreover, people don’t like to get involved in such occasions.

However, in the case, the shutters get damaged in any way; our services of Smart Drive Roller Shutter repairs in Adelaide will help you to retrieve it in a new form. The most robust security you can have is a visual deterrent and that the roller shutter will restrict the quick entry of the trespassers and mislead the thugs by not letting them know whether you are home or not.

It is common knowledge that homes get hot and cold depending on the amount of sunlight that comes through windows. Each slat is injected with polyurethane. It forms a pocket of air acting like double glazing, so it is going to stop up to 90 % of the heat and cold from entering through windows. It means you don’t have to use expensive ways to keep the inside cold or warm by prolonging the use of air conditioning and heating. Of course, it works the same internally as the heating or cooling you are generating is being pushed through the home improving the flow. It does not put too much pressure on the cooling or heating appliances as it does not let the wind escape through the windows. This feature makes the roller shutters pay for themselves.

Shift Workers

Anybody who has done shift work understands the problem of trying to get some sleep. Roller shutter is surely the best investment for them. With the roller shutter, you can black out your room. It enables you to turn day into night and eliminate 50% noise, thus helping you get the required amount of sleep you need. The insulating features are a huge bonus as well.

The choice of service has also moved with the time. However, you can still have the option of manually operating the roller shutter (winder or pull strap box) that consumers always use in the bedrooms for safety reasons (fire and power failure). Hard wired with 240-volt motors, we can and will sell if that’s what is wanted by our clients by keeping up with modern technology. At Smart Drive Roller Shutters, we recommend our customers to have the oz drive ods range of motors. With this low voltage system, we have eliminated any factor involved with you not being able to operate the roller shutter to exit your home under any situation of duress, with no straps running down the wall internally. This is the way to offer you motorised roller shutters that will always give you a safe exit from your home under emergency.

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